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Product name:TRJU3101AONL

Single Port Single USB

10/100Base-TX Jack

With Led with EMI-Finger

Led: Orange & Green (Left Led), Yellow (Right Led)
Tab Up
Pin type: the solder
Length: 29mm

UL, RoHs, Reach, ISO9001:2008

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10/100 Single Port Single USB RJ45 Connector with magnetic TRJU3101AONL

Part No.                            TRJU3101AONL

Application-Lan:                 Ethernet (Non PoE)

EXT temp:                        TRJU3401

Best Circuit:                      Yes

Turn Ratio(TX):                  1CT:1CT

Turn Ratio(RX):                  1CT:1CT

Hippot(Vrms):                    1500

Contact Plating:                 Gold 6 "u", Gold 15 "u"

Diodes:                             NO DIODES

Led Option:                       Orange & Green (Left Led), Yellow (Right Led)

Latch:                                Up

Port No.                            Single Port Single USB

Tin type:                           The solder

RoHs Complaint:               Yes

Speed:                              10/100M Base-T

Temperature:                     0 TO 70, -40 TO 85

Shield EMI Tabs:                NO

Search:                              Yes

Peak temperature:              260±5

Package Details:

Package unit: 40 pcs/ tray

Package material: PVC

Outer carton unit: 640 pcs/ 16 tray/ Box

Net weight: 7 kg

Gross weight: 9 kg


1. Lan interface suitable for 10/100 Base-TX applications

2. RJ45/USB stacked design saves on PCB real estate

3.USB module complies with USB 2.0 standards and meets CAT FAST Ethernet industry performance standard

4. Meets or exceeds IEEE 802.3 and ANSI X3.263 standards including 350uH mimimum OCL with 8 mA bias current

Mechanical Dimensions:

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