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Product name:TRJG0926HENL

1000Base-T RJ45 Magjack 

Single Port 

With PoE supported

With Led without emi-finger

Led: Green & Yellow

Tab down

Length= 21.25mm 

Pin type: the soldering

UL, Reach, RoHs, ISO9001:2015 certificated

Free sample available for testing

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1000M Single Port tab down RJ45 ethernet connector with PoE TRJG0926HENL

Part No.                             TRJG0926HENL

Application-Lan:                 Ethernet (With PoE/PoE+ Function)

Best Circuit:                       Yes

Turn Ratio(TX):                  1CT:1CT

Turn Ratio(RX):                  1CT:1CT

Hippot(Vrms):                     1500

Contact Plating:                  Gold 6 "u", Gold 15 "u", Gold  30"u"

Led Option:                         Green & Yellow

Latch:                                  Down

Port No.                              1X1

Tin type:                             The soldering

RoHs Complaint:                Yes

Speed:                                1000M Base-T

Temperature:                      0 TO 70, -40 TO 85

Shield EMI Tabs:                YES

Search:                               Yes

Peak temperature:              260±5

Package Details:

Package unit:  50 pcs/ tray

Package material: PVC

Outer carton unit: 1200 pcs/ 24 tray / Box

Net weight: 8 kg

Gross weight: 10 kg

Mechanical Dimension: 

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