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Product name:TRS85535NL

Single and Dual Transformer Modules

1500 Vrms minimum isolation

Temperature: -40 To +85

UL, RoHs, Reach, ISO9001:2008

UL File No.: E321120

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64KBPS Interface Lan Transformers TRS85535NL

1. Single and dual transformer modules for ITU G.703 codirectional applications

2. Provide 1500 Vrms minimum isolation

3. For RoHs part and suffix NL

4. RoHs  NL peak solder rating 250℃

Electrical Specifications: @25

1. Turn Ratio: Pri: Sec= 1:2CT ±3%

2. Isolation Voltage: 1500Vrms  0.5mA ISecond (PRI to SEC)

3. PRI OCL: 20mH Minimum @100KHz  50mV

4. Cw/w: 130pF Max

5. LL: 5.0uH Max

6. DCR: 2.65Ω Max Pri       5.0Ω  Max Sec

7. Operating temperature: 0 to 70℃

Mechanical Demensions:

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