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Product name:TRA2033ANL

ADSL Line Transformer

Low Profile

Small Footprint

Excellent THD performance

Temperature: -40 To +85

UL, RoHs, Reach, ISO9001:2008

UL File No.: E321120

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ADSL Line Transformer for Alcatel's DynaMiTe MTK-20140 ADSL Chipset TRA2033ANL

1. This surface mount flyback transformer is developed for use with Linear Technology LT/3750/ LT3751 Capcitor Charger Controllers

2. This low-profile transformer feature 1500Vrms, one minute winding to winding isolation and 750Vrms winding to core isolation.

It is designed to operate with an input range of 3-24V and to charge a capacitor to 300V.

3. It is shown on the Linear Technology LT3750 application note for use in a 300V, 6A charging circuit.

4. Assembly must be RoHs compliant

5. RoHs "NL" peak solder rating 235℃

6. UL Certification: File Number E321120


1. Turn Ratio:

pri: sec= 1:10

2. Inductance:

10.0 ±10%uH, @100KHz, 0.1Vrms, 0Adc

9.0uH MIN, @100KHz, 0.1Vrms, 5Adc

3. DC Resistance:

Pri= 0.015Ω MAX    Sec= 1.10Ω MAX

4. Leakage inductance: 0.144uH MAX

5. Interwinding capacitance: 76pF

6. 1pk: 5A

7. Operating temperature range: -40 to 85 ℃


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