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Product name:TRB40013ANL

SMD Transformer

Quad Ports

Line Interface Modules

1500 Vrms minimum isolation

Temperature: -40 To +85

UL, RoHs, Reach, ISO9001:2008

UL File No.: E321120

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SMD Quad 4 Ports Line Interface Modules TRB40013ANL

1. T1/E1 Quad Interface Modules

2. With Various turn ratios

3. RoHs"NL" peak solder rating 260℃ ±5

4. UL Certification : File Number E321120

Electrical Specification @25

1. Turn Ratios (±2%):

TX=1:2   RX=1:2

2. PRI OCL: 1.5mH Typ @100KHz/50mV

3. PRI L.L: 0.5uH Max @100KHz/50mV

4. cW/W: 35pF Max @100KHz/50mV

5. PRI DCR: 0.8Ω  Max

6. Choke OCL: 30uH TYP @100KHZ/580mV

7. Isolation Voltage: 1500Vrms

8. Operating Temperature: -40 to 85

Mechanical Demension:

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